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VIRUS SAFE is constantly challenging the South African and Global market by providing new and better Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Sanitizing products for the future, today. Since its establishment in early 2020, VIRUS SAFE has developed its product technology to include a wide variety of (UVGI) products used in many different markets. Here at VIRUS SAFE, our primary product focus is on Sustainable VIRUS SAFE Environments.

As a specialist in UVGI Sanitizing products, VIRUS SAFE works in partnership with many advanced companies to develop new and innovative products. Our goal at VIRUS SAFE is to meet the comprehensive needs of our customers through market-directed product engineering, manufacturing process control and breadth of product offering.

Company size and philosophy drive strategy. We are small enough to react to specific Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requests while large enough to have the design and production system expertise essential to making sophisticated UVGI Sanitizing Products, coupled with a high degree of repeatability over large volumes.

Through listening and understanding our customer’s needs, we have produced many specific tailor-made products and packages. We have also established an aftermarket program to service all our products with day-to-day consumables establishing an effective “one stop shopping solution” for all your virus protection and Covid-19 needs.

Each year, millions of people acquire illnesses from bacteria and viruses in common places – ranging from restaurants to hospitals to just about any space.

The VIRUS SAFE Difference

Virus Safe provides a line of high quality UVGI Sanitizing products that will meet all your needs for everyday virus and bacteria killing, safely and effectively.

Sustainable VIRUS SAFE Environments

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