UV-C The Germ-killing Light

Ultraviolet light is naturally present in sunlight and actually makes up about 10% of the total light generated by the sun. UV is a form of electromagnetic energy with a wavelength from 10 nm to 400 nm, though for germicidal purposes we focus on the wavelengths of 200 nm-280 nm UV-C light.

UVGI Sanitizers vs Fogging methods

While strategies such as sanitation and fogging methods are effective at killing germs, the duration of the effectiveness is short-lived. Once a space is occupied the risk for contamination increases and risk for bacterial and viral infections rise, it will therefore require constant cleaning which can result in significant increase in chemicals and labour costs thus unsustainable.

With our VIRUS SAFE UVGI Lights you can walk into an sanitized office every day of the week or sanitize as often as you want during a normal work day creating a Sustainable VIRUS SAFE Environment.

Studies have shown that traditional cleaning is often insufficient with reports of more than 50% of surfaces not being disinfected properly to incorrect use of products, which can require extended time durations, thus limiting their effectiveness. Hand washing, as crucial as it is, is not enough to keep the millions of germs and viruses at bay. Many germs, including coronavirus can survive on surfaces for days.

Tests has confirmed that UVGI light destroys Bacteria, Molds, Protozoa, Yeast and Viruses that including Influenza and Corona.

UVGI light is used to disinfect objects surfaces, air and water. This energy destroys the genetic material inside viruses and other microbes.

Every precaution should be taken as UV-C light damages human skin and eyes, so it should only be used on objects or surfaces.

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Why Do We Need UV?

  • 3 Million serious infections occurring in assisted living facilities each year

  • 12 Million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics each year.

  • 65,000 food safety violations due to food-contact surfaces not being properly cleaned and sanitized in restaurants.

  • 10 Million germs found on an average office desk.

Industry Spesific Applications

Each year, millions of people acquire illnesses from bacteria and viruses in common places – ranging from restaurants to hospitals to just about any space.

The VIRUS SAFE Difference

Virus Safe provides a line of high quality UVGI Sanitizing products that will meet all your needs for everyday virus and bacteria killing, safely and effectively.

Sustainable VIRUS SAFE Environments

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