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Whether we like it or not, viruses and germs surround us every day and far too often cause illnesses or even death that could have been prevented. There are an estimated 720,000 infections each year, costing millions of Rands in unnecessary medical expenses.

People spend approximately 50% of their time or in office environments or among strangers in indoor malls, supermarkets, businesses or schools and universities and research has indicated that viruses and germs inside can be 2 to 5 times worse than outdoors.

The problem is that we do not know who brings what viruses and germs with them into indoor environments a how long those viruses and germs will be active after they have left.

Given the challenges in effectively managing the environmental risk from both the sheer number of surfaces to be disinfected, but also resistance of certain pathogens to manual cleaning methods, enhanced disinfection methods have become essential.

Virus Safe offers a wide range of Sanitizing products that are cost effective, sustainable and safe to the environment.

These products will allow business owners, doctors, schools and universities to sanitize their properties from once a week to 365 days per year.

A Virus Safe Certificate will allow the public to now what businesses, doctors, schools and universities are Virus Safe and how many times they sanitize per week to keep their business safe for the public.

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Virus Safe provides a line of high quality UVGI Sanitizing products that will meet all your needs for everyday virus and bacteria killing, safely and effectively.

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